Madison Cawthorn Received Citation For Carrying A Loaded Gun At The Airport

Madison Cawthorn
Madison Cawthorn

Madison Cawthorn, a Republican of North Carolina was recently cited by the Transportation Security Administration for carrying a loaded gun through the checkpoint at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The model of the gun was Staccato C2 9 mm and was found at the D checkpoint on Tuesday morning. 

Madison Cawthorn Was Arrested At The TSA Checkpoint By The CMPD

As per the statement of the Police Department of Charlotte-Macklenbury, Madison Cawthorn admitted that it was his gun and he cooperated with all the officials of CMPD very politely. A citation was issued against him for carrying a weapon of dangerous nature on the City Property as per an ordinance. 

However, Madison was released after some time and the deadly weapon was taken by the CMPD as per the procedure. An arrest is necessary after a citation for this kind of charge. Moreover, if such a mistake is repeated again by the offender, he will be fined up to $13,000. Madison was caught twice over a span of one year for carrying the gun. 

The weapon was safely kept by the officials of the airport and was returned to him after his flight was over. Earlier in 2021, he was found with the gun and the spokesperson of Madison Cawthorn stated that he bought it by mistake. He has a hearing in the next month on the charges of a misdemeanor for driving without a proper license. 

As a lawmaker, he has mostly stayed in the news for his controversies which made people criticize both the parties i.e., the Republicans and the Democrats. A few days back he also experienced condemnation from his own party members for giving the name ‘thug’ to Zelensky, the President of Ukraine. 

He was also criticized for his weird comments by the Republicans where he stated that some people of Washington invited Madison to use cocaine and do orgies with him.