Cori Bush, The Democratic Representative, Gains Fame Over Eviction Moratorium!

Cori Bush
Cori Bush

Cori Bush, the freshman representative belonging to the Democratic Party, attracted the attention of the entire country. This took place when she was protesting the eviction moratorium lapse. The politician, in order to protest the decision of the federal government, went on to sleep on the US Capitol steps. And this went on for a couple of days. The new Democrat displayed her activism in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Cori Bush Praised

The actions taken up by the lawmakers of the state of Missouri resulted in a huge victory. It was mainly for all those progressive politicians and Cori Bush. This incident took place on the 3rd of August when President Biden made the announcement on the expanded eviction moratorium in the country. It was stated that there will be an eviction ban for about 60 days in those areas where the chances of getting infected with the coronavirus are very high. 

Cori Bush gave a statement following this announcement of the country’s President. She stated that extremely happy about this decision of the federal government. She stated that the main reason for her happiness was to know that millions of people who almost went homeless were not safe. They will not be forced to live in the streets.

This statement was made on the same day the announcement of the eviction moratorium extension was made. The efforts taken by Cori Bush in order to fight the case were taken notice of by several influential politicians of the country. Most of the representatives of the US Congress belonging to the Democratic Party praised her. They include Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, Chuck Schumer, and the majority leader of the US Senate. They praised her ability to take a quick stand on important issues.