Nancy Pelosi Holds A Minute Of Silence For The Jan 6 Capitol Attack Victims

Nancy Pelosi

On the 1st anniversary of the tragic raid on the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, Nancy Pelosi, US House Speaker, conducted a minute of remembrance on the White House floor on Thursday. Pelosi made the remarks at a speech to a small group of primarily Democratic White House members. Representative Liz Cheney was also in attendance, as was her father, ex-VP Dick Cheney.

Nancy Pelosi’s Heart Touching Speech  

Nancy Pelosi’s comments come a year after the crowd of Trump supporters rushed the US Capitol building while Congress was declaring Joe Biden’s win in the presidential election in 2020.

Five individuals were murdered in the unrest. Trump backer Ashli Babbitt,  was fired at and slain by a police officer as she attempted to storm into the White House chamber and an elderly Capitol officer who perished due to a stroke a day after being injured in the violence.

According to the official alliance, at least 140 additional policemen were hurt while guarding the Capitol. Since then, four cops have committed suicide.

Due to the bravery of many officers, Congress successfully subdued the riot and reclaim the Capitol building the same night. They were able to guarantee a quiet transfer. It is due to their and efforts that the attack failed, said Pelosi on Thursday, 

Nancy Pelosi proceeded to read out the deceased officers’ names before directing the legislators in an instance of quiet.

A series of somber rituals honoring the tragic insurgency have taken place in front of the US Capitol building. Associates of Congress provided terrible accounts of their ordeals when they were compelled to flee the Capitol building that day. Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Sen. Majority Leader, will attend a bipartisan prayer watch on the Capitol steps just after dusk.

President Biden spoke from the USCapitol building’s Statuary Hall earlier Thursday, criticizing Trump for inciting the siege by falsely proclaiming that the electoral result was false.