Kathy Hochul, The Democratic Pioneer

Kathy Hochul
Kathy Hochul

The state of New York got its first-ever female governor. And she is Kathy Hochul. This took place on the 24th of August, exactly at 12 am. She will now take over things that have been halted for several months owing to the controversial affairs of Andrew Cuomo, the former governor of the state. So many months were wasted following the sexual harassment case of former governor Andrew Cuomo. 

Kathy Hochul’s First Statements

Kathy Hochul is a politician belonging to the Democratic Party. She hails from the west side of the state. She took her office as the state governor in a private ceremony. The ceremony took place in the capital of the state of New York. The entire ceremony took place on behalf of Janet DiFiore, the chief judge of the state.

After everything got over, Kathy Hochul gave a statement on how she felt and how she was doing after taking the office. She stated that she was feeling the responsibility that she now has on her when it comes to the affairs of the state. She further added that she was absolutely proud that she was in a position to look after the “New Yorkers. Kathy Hochul further added that she would never let the people down. 

The reach of the only female state governor of New York takes place in the midst of a chaotic phase where women have just begun fighting their male counterparts in the world of politics. The normal political culture in the country is generally dominated by just men. Former state governor Andrew Cuomo gave his resignation. He did this in order to avoid the matter of impeachment. Andrew Cuomo gave his resignation on the 23rd of August in front of the New York assembly.

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