Katy Perry Made A Contestant Emotional

Katy Perry

The new season of American Idol contestant got emotional during her performance. Fans and audiences believe she was throwing shade against her partner. However, she was overwhelmed by everything. Katy Perry at first did not appreciate her behavior toward her partner. Later when she elaborated on what had happened. Katy immediately got up and gave emotional support to Nutsa.

The Contestant Had Katy Perry’s Emotional Support

Last week Nutsa Buzaladze perhaps bailed on her singing partner in American Idol last minute. Carina DeAngelo called out Nutsa Buzaladze just before their performance. It was perhaps shocking to the judges, and not so much on her part.

Katy Perry got to know about that from Nutsa herself. On Sunday’s performance, Nutsa Buzaladze slayed her performance. She performed Tina Turner’s, Proud Mary. She was about to perform her duet last week with her partner Carina. However, things did not go as planned.

Carina complained Nutsa slept throughout the rehearsal. She did portray the actual image in front of judges differently. Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan everyone was present. Carina did tell in front of the judges that she and her partner faced some issues last night. They were not fully prepared because Nutsa decided to sleep through the entire rehearsal.

Nutsa Buzaladze had to perform alone this Sunday. She lit the stage on fire. Katy Perry told her she should have more grace. The Harley’s in Hawaii singer did not waste a minute hugging Nutsa. Nutsa did tell her side of this story and the unwanted circumstances that she brought. She waited till the end of the performance because she did not want to cry on stage. Katy Perry perhaps understood her point of view and immediately got up and hugged her.