Mike Pence Jeered At Friday’s Conference

Mike Pence
mike pence

Mike Pence, the former vice-president of the United States of America, faced a lot of jeering at one of the conferences that he attended this Friday. The conference was for the religious conservative ones. The jeering came before the former vice-president belonging to the Republican party could present his speech to the audience. 

Mike Pence A “Traitor”

There was a particularly small group seated at the audience section that passed the negative comments. They used the terms “traitor” to refer to him. The jeer started growing as soon as Mike Pence made his way towards the stage. Those people from the audience were all in caps that read “Make America Great Again.” It was red in color. The law enforcement took the initiative against them. They dragged those people out of the hall where the conference took place. 

One woman who was among the red color caps gave a statement to one of the news channels. She stated that the reason her group jeered at the 62-year-old former president Mike Pence was that he was a “traitor” in reality. There is no doubt that the lady draws her conclusion from the events that took place during the 2020 Presidential elections. And specifically from the day, the US Congress was to officially certify the win of Joe Biden, the acting President of the country which was scheduled on the 6th of January.

Mike Pence has faced criticism from the former Republican President Donald Trump for not acting against the certification. This had taken place following the riot that broke out in the US Capitol in support of Trump. On that day, the protestors could also be heard shouting “Hang Mike Pence.” One of the police officers was questioned if the heckler from Friday’s conference was arrested. However, there was no reply from the policeman. Later when the team of the former vice-president was asked the same question, they abstained from giving any such information.