Ken Paxton Endorsed By Trump For Texas AG

Corey Lewandowski
Corey Lewandowski

Monday night saw former President Donald Trump announcing that he would be endorsing Ken Paxton in the competition for the Attorney General of Texas. He decided to endorse the Republican over George P. Bush- the son of Presidential Candidate Gov. Jeb Bush.

Paxton, as stated by Trump, has been currently serving as the Attorney General of the state and is a warrior against the radical left as well as those Republicans who were destroying the country. Trump further stated that Paxton would have his endorsement due to the latter’s approach to border crime, election integrity, security, and the Second Amendment. 

Ken Paxton- The AG Texas Needs According To Trump

In his interview, Trump stated that America needed a patriot like Ken Paxton to accelerate the policies of America First which is essential to Make America Great Again. In his words, Paxton would serve as the best Attorney General for Texas- who would never let anyone down. Paxton, on his part, felt honored to receive the support and endorsement from the previous President. 

Ken Paxton’s opponent, Bush announced to Fox News that he would be running for the position- because he felt Paxton brought a lot of scandal to the office while siphoning the integrity in the office. To put emphasis on his point, the Republican is also looking at a trial for securities fraud while being under a separate FBI Investigation.

Bush would be challenging Paxton in a primary ballot because he feels Texas needs an Attorney General that would be above scandals. Subsequently, Bush also played the appeal of the former President, stating that Trump was absolutely right and there was a lot of corruption in Washington D.C. 

Monday night also saw a tweet from Bush about Ken Paxton- where he stated that one of the primary reasons for him running for candidacy was that the state did deserve a candidate that didn’t have potential criminal indictments. 

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