Kendrick Nunn Signs For Lakers In $10Mn Deal

kendrick nunn
kendrick nunn

The Lakers have utilized their mid-level taxpayer exception to sing one more young guard. This time it is the Miami Heat’s, Kendrick Nunn. The Athletic reports that the deal is worth $10Mn and for 2 years.

Kendrick Nunn Says Goodbye To The Heat

ESPN claimed that Kendrick Nunn had been offered a much more lucrative contract from the Knicks. However, he turned it down and decided to join the Lakers since he wanted to be in contention for a title.

Kendrick Nunn had an average of 14.6 points as well as scoring 3.2 rebounds every game. He shot 38.1% of the time from outside the circle for three points. 48.5% of his shots came from the court while he played 56 games in the previous season.

On Tuesday, Kendrick Nunn became the second rookie guard to be added to the Los Angeles Lakers roster. The first one was Malik Monk. Both of them will be hoping to prove themselves.

The lineup of the Lakers will also be looking to fill the hole of a reserve point guard through Kendrick Nunn. He will be possibly be used in the role, after Russell Westbrook for the coming season. Nunn joins Talen Horton-Tucker and Monk in the small young Lakers player. He celebrated his 26th birthday on Tuesday,

Kendrick Nunn had almost always played in the point guard position for the Heat. He ranked in the top 88 percentile of spot-up shooters. He also ranked in the top 92 percentile in jumpers who caught and shot unguarded. He was also involved in a lot of pick and roll, but he was only in the top 47 percentile when it came to effectiveness.

For the Lakers though, alongside LeBron James and Westbrook, he will possibly mostly be a shooter. However, Nunn has a battery charge regarding misdemeanor off the court.