Kevin Durant Surpass Allen Iverson

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has remained a well-known face in the NBA circuit. His performance has made him one of the greatest athletes of recent times. He always fancied himself as a professional basketball player. Kevin’s hunger for the game earned him a place in the NBA. He had a lot of success over the years. Durant has played for a number of teams. He had performed exceedingly well for each of them.

Currently, the athlete plays for the Brooklyn Nets. He has led his team to many successes. It was probably time to acknowledge his athletic prowess. Durant has been on fire in the current season. He has accounted for a large chunk of points scored by the Nets. Durant’s performance has earned him a historical landmark. 

There is news to cherish for Kevin Durant. He has been featured in the top seventy-five athletes in NBA history. The icing on the cake came in the last outing for the Nets. Durant surpassed the record of Allen Iverson. This earned him the twenty-fifth spot in the NBA all-time top athletes. Iverson had been an absolute legend. He played for the Philadelphia 76ers and is considered an icon. Surpassing him is a great feat to cherish for Kevin Durant. Let us learn more about the incident in detail below. 

Kevin Durant Takes The Limelight As Nets Win 

The Nets supporters were treated to a double joy in their last match. The Nets defeated the Boston Celtics 123-104 on Wednesday. If this was not enough, there was more good news to follow. Kevin Durant started the game with 24,367 points. This was just one point behind the legendary Allen Iverson. 

Kevin Durant eventually scored the points and surpassed Allen. He currently sits at the twenty-fifth spot. Ray Allen is at the twenty-fourth place with 24,505. Durant is expected to make further progress provided he remains fit for the remainder of the season.