Kevin McCarthy Loses Election To Speaker Of The House: House Adjourns Without A Speaker For The First Time Since 1923

Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy

The American House of Representatives entered the 2nd day of uncertainty as Kevin McCarthy lost in the third round of voting with more to come. The fourth round of voting is expected on Wednesday as far-right Republicans doubled down to oust the Republican leader.

Even as the 118th American Congress convened this Tuesday, Kevin McCarthy failed in his bid in three rounds of separate voting. This marked the 1st in a hundred years that the American House of Representatives failed to select the speaker on its first ballot. All business in the house is on hold and the impasse is expected to continue until a speaker is elected. Even the swearing of new members is on halt for now.

President Biden Has Called The Kevin McCarthy Issue Embarrassing For The US

American President Joe Biden has expressed his dismay over the embarrassing standoff. He said that the international reputation of America was at stake due to the incident. Joe Biden said of the Kevin McCarthy standoff that it was embarrassing that it was dragging on for so long. He said that it was not a good thing for the US, and he hoped that things would straighten out soon.

The House will reconvene this Wednesday to again take up this issue. Kevin McCarthy was confident that he would finally manage the necessary 218 votes in this round and capture the speaker’s gavel.

He said that they would finally find a way out of the situation. He said that they were in the middle of a healthy deliberation. He said that though they might not find things to their liking initially, a way out would finally be discovered.

The only silver lining amidst the gloom for Kevin McCarthy, the Republican received the full backing of Trump and that could help him win back some of the hard-line members of his party.