State Stimulus Check Are Few And Far Between In 2023: But 2.5 Million Americans Could Still Qualify For $3 Billion In Tax Relief

stimulus check
stimulus check

While 2020 and 2021 were marked by a slew of federal stimulus checks that helped Americans fight their way out of the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, 2022 turned out to be different. It was especially tough for low and moderate-income people with the sudden end of almost all federal support.

Stimulus checks were particularly needed in 2022 as the year was marked by record inflation levels, the highest in over four decades. And this meant that prices almost doubled for essential goods from food to gasoline to groceries. 

Americans struggled to keep up as the increase in prices meant that they were earning less in real terms than they did before the pandemic, despite a rise in wages. At this stage around twenty-one states stepped in with their resources and their share of the American Rescue Plan Act funds. 

The Rescue Plan Act was signed by President Biden in March 2021, within weeks of his coming to power. And while the Rescue Plan is normally linked to the third stimulus check or the Economic Impact Payment, it supported a host of other entities, including local, tribal, and state governments. It gave support to businesses, hospitals, and educational institutions.

Almost all American states sent out stimulus checks in 2022 to help residents deal with record inflation. And barring a few states such as California, they all used the Rescue Plan payments to help their residents. 

The Golden State was the song the last state that gave inflation relief and stimulus checks to residents in 2022. The payments continued for the first quarter of this year. But it has been a different picture in the second quarter with most states stopping payments this year.

What To Expect Of The Minnesota Stimulus Check

Minnesota is among the few states that will continue their payments well into 2023.

The rebate checks issued by the state will reach around 2.5 million Minnesota files after lawmakers in the state passed massive tax relief ill on Sunday. Tim Waltz, the Governor of Minnesota, said that the $3 billion tax relief stimulus check will reach 2.5 million taxpayers in Minnesota. 

This was after the state legislators pushed through the bill. Waltz is expected to sign the massive legislation soon. The payment also included a Child Tax Credit per family that is worth up to $1,750 per child dependent. 

Representative Aisa Gomes, the person who sponsored the income tax bill in the states, said that the bill contains many transformations and incredible things and would benefit people across the state of Minnesota. 

While the tax bill has been signed into law, eligible residents would enjoy relief from income tax this year. It will begin with a one-off payment of a $1,300 stimulus check and would be effective immediately. 

The other stimulus check that will become effective almost simultaneously is the Child Tax Credit stimulus check given by the state. It will be worth up to $1,750.

This credit will go to families when they file their income tax return for 2023 in the first quarter of 2024.

There is also the possibility of an advance payment like it was with the enhanced version of the federal Child Tax Credit stimulus check in the last two quarters of 2021.

The enhanced version of the Child Tax Credit had enabled fifty percent of the total payment in advance, a first for the CTC payments. Under this system, eligible parents for the first time received 50% of the Child Tax Credit stimulus check amount payable in 2022 against the income tax return for 2021 in advance. 

The payments then came in as monthly stimulus checks between $250 and $300. Americans received the balance 50% after they filed the income tax returns for 2021 in the first quarter of 2022.

Are Minnesotans In Line For A Rebate Stimulus Check?

Under this bill, around 2.5 million residents of the state would be in line for a stimulus check. Lawmakers in Minnesota have stated that families of the state who are considered eligible will be in line for a stimulus check by this fall, and it is expected to be worth $1,300.

A rebate payment of $260 will go out to individual filers with a state Adjusted Gross Income of $75,000. Married couples filing jointly and with an Adjusted Gross Income of up to $150,000 will receive double that amount at $520.

Even child dependents are eligible for the one-off rebate stimulus checks from the Minnesota administration. The legislation would also allow families to receive additional payments of $260 for every dependent. 

Families could receive up to $1,300. Thus, a resident’s rebate payment would be limited to $1,300 even if there are several dependent children. 

Joint filers with three dependent children would qualify for the full amount.  Single filers will also be in line for an equivalent amount if they declare four dependent children. 

Residents Who Will Miss Out On The Minnesota Stimulus Check

The Minnesota relief payments for 2023 will be based on the income tax returns for the state in 2021. So only state residents for the year 2021 are set to receive the 2023 stimulus checks. 

Further, if you are claimed by someone as a dependent on the 2021 tax return, you will not qualify for the rebate stimulus check. On the other hand, the person who has listed you as their dependent for 2021 will receive the $260 rebate amount.

The Minnesota administration will also provide child tax credit payments that will e as high as $1,750 for each dependent. Joint filers with an AGI below $35,000 will get the maximum amount of $1,750. Other filers with an income below $29,500 would be eligible for the maximum amount of $1,750 for each dependent. 

Families who exceed the above income limit would still be in line for the CTC stimulus check but will get a reduced amount either through the mail or direct transfer to accounts.