Kevin McCarthy Postpones Social Safety Net Passage

Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, decided to bring out all the guns to delay the passage of the Build Back Better Act of President Joe Biden. This took place on Thursday evening after the moderates on the Democratic end came to a consensus and the bill looked all but ready to pass. But then the leader of the GOP stood up and started speaking about the bill for over two and a half hours- while he kept hammering the Biden administration and congressional Democrats for the increase in consumer prices, and the effects that this bill was supposed to have. 

Kevin McCarthy Believes Biden Administration Root Cause Behind Inflation

During his address, Kevin McCarthy stated that if the Democrats wanted to be deaf to their fellow citizens, they would definitely have to listen to the opinions of Congress. The package, worth $1.7 trillion would focus on issues like the expansion of Medicare, and pre-k, something McCarthy believes would be too extreme, too expensive, and too liberal for the United States of America. 

For long, Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans have been clamoring that the increase in gas prices along with inflation throughout the country are the result of the spending of the Biden administration- which refers to the COVID-19 relief plan which passed in the early part of 2021. On Thursday, he used the platform to argue that the issues were seemingly worsening as a result of the Build Back Better Act- which the Congressional Budget Office surveyed on Sunday would be increasing the deficit by $367 billion. 

Needless to say, the speech of Kevin McCarthy did lead to Democratic lawmakers reacting with outrage and disgust as heard over the CSPAN feed. In a particular moment, when the leader of the GOP suggested that Biden had been left with everything that he needed for unprecedented success, several legislators reacted with exasperation and shock.