Kevin McKidd Giving Us A Sneakpeek From The Story

kevin mckidd

Kevin McKidd giving spoilers from Grey’s Anatomy.

His character playing Owen Hunt is falling in love again with his wife Teddy Altman. They have been through hell together. When everything fell apart, they lost hope. But there is hope after all. Fans have been rooting for them.No one knows what is going to happen. But McKidd did give insight from the sitcom.

There Is A Chance Of Kevin McKidd’s Marriage Working Out After All

Supposedly Kevin McKidd’s character is over with the rupture in his marriage with Teddy Altman. Teddy Altman is played by Kim Raver. They are on the path of mending their marital relationship. The last few episodes showed how Kevin McKidd aka Owen Hunt is struggling with his marriage falling apart. He has been trying to hold it still.

Kevin McKidd promised the fans he and his onscreen wife is falling in love again.

Both Kevin McKidd and Kim Raver have taken new roles at the Sloan Memorial hospital. They have higher responsibilities now. After Meredith went to Boston. Things at Sloan memorial started to change.

Both of them need to work on their work and relationship at the same. They need balance as Kevin says.

Teddy is extremely busy and new responsibilities falling on her shoulder might create distance between them.

Kevin McKidd perhaps gave out a piece of valuable information by mistake that they are going to welcome another child. There is going to be more openness in their relationship this time, confirms Kevin.

True fans are perhaps waiting for a healthy relationship in between them and a kid.

It was Teddy who made Owen the chief of trauma. It was not only Owen but also Teddy who realized the lack of communication between them led to the end of their marriage.