Mike Pence Makes His Return After A Heart Surgery

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

Mike Pence, the former Vice-President of the United States of America, went through heart surgery. This took place at the beginning of the month of April. Very few people had knowledge of the surgery. Most of the sides of the former Vice-President were shocked to hear the news of the surgery that was given out through a statement. Donald Trump, the former President, too was uninformed about it according to sources. He came to know about it through the media. It has also been revealed that Trump made a phone call to Mike Pence after hearing the news. 

Mike Pence And His Political Motives

The current situation with regard to the political future of the former Vice-president is quite unclear. He has emerged into the domain of politics by holding a number of events in the state of South Carolina. It was done so this Thursday. The events include the first speech made by Mike Pence publicly after he left the office. It can be said that the Republican is working in order to figure out the ways to channel the complicated relation that he currently has with Donald Trump. 

David Kochel, one of the strategists of the Republican party as well as an expert in presidential campaigns, gave a statement concerning the ongoing turbulence between Trump and Mike Pence. He stated that situations will get a lot tougher both for the former Vice-President as well as the officials from the administration of the former President. He further added that Pence is going to want all the advantages he can in being a loyal supporter of Trump. However, he will also want his personal brand of politics to be independent of Trump simultaneously.

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