A Medley Of Dua Lipa’s “Training Season” Performed At The 2024 Grammy Awards

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During the 2024 Grammy Awards, Dua Lipa had a great time dancing! The 28-year-old vocalist of “Houdini” captivated the audience on Sunday night as she unveiled her brand-new tune “Training Season” during a thrilling opening medley. Opening the event, the artist got into a leather fit on stage amid a group of dancers. She then made her way through the audience to her most recent track, “Houdini.” The entire show featured a lot of group dance and blue stage lighting.

Dua Lipa had a great night as she received nominations for the Barbie soundtrack song “Dance the Night” and the Song of the Year and Best Music Composed for Visual Media, respectively.

Dua Lipa On Recently Acquiring Publication Rights To Her Catalogue

Billie Eilish won Best Song Composed for Visual Media for her single on the Barbie soundtrack, which earlier in the evening had won Best Compilation Soundtrack for Multimedia. She posted behind-the-scenes pictures of her practice on Instagram in mid-January, saying, “Grammy preparations and other fun things,” following the announcement that she would be one of the night’s several performers. In addition to her most recent song, “Training Season,” which was released on February 15, Dua Lipa has been hard at work recording her next album, which she revealed to T Magazine and will be released in 2024.

She claims that while the project will stray from her signature dance sound, it won’t “alienate” followers because it is influenced by “1970s-era psychedelia”. Dua Lipa has also acquired the publication rights to her catalog, assuming authority over her work. She stated, “Being in charge of my music is something I suppose I’ve always desired, and I believe that all aspiring musicians should truly comprehend the economics of music, particularly at the beginning,” during an interview with the Audacy Check-In podcast.