Kim Kardashian Celebrated Friendsgiving With Inmates

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been the talk of the town for almost a decade. She has been criticized in every possible way for wishing to be a lawyer in the past. She has done her research and won a case of a mother, with the help of former president Donald Trump.

Kim Kardashian Is Utterly Grateful For The Day At Camp Kilpatrick

Camp Kilpatrick is a juvenile detention center, where Kim Kardashian spent her day as a host to young inmates and celebrated thanksgiving. Kim Kardashian is a vocal advocate for wrongfully convicted inmates.

All she tried was to listen to all the inmates’ stories and try and understand them, which would help her in the upcoming cases. Kim Kardashian was not alone in this whole thanksgiving feast, Tristan Thompson was there too. In her Instagram post, she shared how grateful she is to all those present at the dinner. The inmates have inspired her in every possible way, she heard their stories that made her realize how lucky she is and blessed with so much.

Kim Kardashian showed us a glimpse of the feast inside the detention center. She heard everyone’s story, what they had been through, and how much they had changed as a person. All of them have come a long way, and all of them made a difference in some way, even from behind the bars.

Like everyone in this world, these people have dreams and aspirations, and some have made their way to colleges some are working something else, and all they are doing is trying to be a better person. This model camp is for young men who have earned the spot to be here, for their great behavioral changes. Kim Kardashian felt grateful after the interaction with these young men and saddened by the fact that fate is keeping them away from their families during holidays. Gratitude is all one needs in order to prosper in life.

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