Sandra Lee Says She and Andrew Cuomo Will Always Be Family

Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee

Recently in the New York Times interview, Celebrity Chef Sandra Lee mentioned her love for her ex Andrew Cuomo. She said “He’s still my guy,” She mentioned their daily communication over the phone in these hard times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

She told the New York times about her daily routine of watching Andrew live on Television. Neither Sandra nor Andrew has had a date after their breakup. They were in a relationship for more than 14 years. 


Lee also mentioned that she is working with Andrew’s daughter, Cara. They are trying to help P.P.E donors with relief efforts.

She shared her emotions about Andrew and mentioned that they share a home, children, and friendship. She also added that she will be there for him till her death.

Andrew Cuomo’s spokesperson told them that the ‘The Governor has wished her well in her next endeavor’.