Merrick Garland Issues Policy Restricting The Contact Of The White House!

Merrick Garland
Merrick Garland

The long-awaited contacts memo of the White House, by Merrick Garland, seems like law enforcement is heading towards more independence. Merrick Garland, attorney general, issued a directive on Wednesday which limits the political influence of the White House on matters relating to law enforcement. 

The Memo By Merrick Garland Seeks To Reestablish Justice Department’s Independence!

The memo seeks to strictly limit the contacts between the White House and the personnel of the Justice Department. The memo only follows the pledges made by then-candidate President Biden to establish the independence of the department. These pledges were made by President Biden after then President of the United States of America, Trump, privately and publicly complained about various decisions of the prosecutors. Former US President Trump also urged the prosecutor to leave his friends and allies and only target his political enemies. Merrick Garland didn’t state those instances inside his memo of five pages. However, he spoke about preserving the public reputation of the Justice Department. 

In his memo, he wrote that the Justice Department and its success depends only upon the love and trust of the general American citizens. This memo was published by the news media, USA Today. Merrick Garland talked about how the trust of the American citizens is very important to the Justice Department. According to him, that trust can be earned and reestablished by sticking to these long-term norms of independence of the Justice Department.

The memo also talked about how it is completely unnecessary to provide the staff of the President and the President information related to civil or criminal enforcement activities. The directive by Merrick Garland also mentions exceptional circumstances in which the President must be informed of civil or criminal enforcement activities. 

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