Kyle Rudolph’s Time At Vikings Comes To An End

Kyle Rudolph
Kyle Rudolph

Kyle Rudolph, who was the tight end for almost ten years, has been released by the Minnesota Vikings after more than ten years with the team. The decision will lessen Minnesota expenses by $5.1 million. Rudolph, currently aged 31, will have a career first experience of being a free agent.

Rudolph was drafted by the Vikings in 2011. He posted an endearing farewell message highlighting how grateful he will always be for the team to have trusted his potential.

What Kyle Rudolph Is Leaving Behind

Rick Spielman, the general manager for the Vikings, also expressed his respect for the player. He called Kyle Rudolph the best leader on the pitch he has come across in his life. He also talked about the immense contributions that Kyle and, his spouse Jordan, have made to the community.

There were three years to go before his contract expired. However, he had become an expensive player for a position the team has seldom used in the previous two years. Rudolph however had refused a restructuring, even though he professed his feelings of being family for the Vikings.

Kyle Rudolph had his least productive season last year, managing to catch only 28 out of the 35 targets. He had scored only one touchdown, another lowest in his career. Rudolph believes he still has much to give to any team in the NFL that is willing to give him a second chance.

His contributions off the field have been spectacular for Minnesota. He had been nominated for the team’s Walter Payton Man of the Year award for three consecutive years. Former teammate, and quarterback for the Vikings, Kirk Cousins praised his wits and called him the smartest player he has encountered. Mike Zimmer, coach of the Vikings, also complimented Rudolph on his greatness as a player and as a person and said that he will be dearly missed.