La La Anthony States That She Will Not Marry Again After A Hard Divorce From Carmelo

La La Anthony
La La Anthony

La La Anthony opens up about her recent divorce from husband Carmelo Anthony. She shared her feelings about how her life had evolved since she split with the NBA star, this year.

It had been years since they had been separated. It was long before she filed the divorce papers. Most people might feel that this single life is new for her, but it is not so. She has dealt with all the emotions as they had been separated for years. She can now talk about her emotions and laugh about it as she finds the humor in it all. 

La La Anthony Filed The Paperwork In June

La La Anthony filed for divorce and cited their differences after 11 years of marriage. This was the second time that they had split. The first time was in 2017 as there were rumors of infidelity. They seemed to reconcile back in 2018. La La Anthony and his husband share one child, Kiyan, who is 14 years old.

La La Anthony and Carmelo are in a good mental place right now but it was hard for her to get into a better emotional state when she filed for divorce.

It was bad for her as it was public. She felt bad due to the involvement of other people. There were several allegations which came out of nowhere and no one expected it. She stated that she was caught off guard as she did not expect that from her marriage.

Despite the emotional roller coaster of their relationship, La La Anthony said that she appreciates a friendship with her ex and that they can co-parent without any drama. And when it comes to Kiyan, La La said the split has been a “transition” for the teen but that he’s gotten used to it. 

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