Los Angeles Lakers Get Big Win Against Suns Through Anthony Davis

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Monty Williams’ Phoenix Suns have been on scintillating in the Western Conference for most of the season. However, Los Angeles Lakers is seemingly still out of reach for them. The Lakers won 123-110 on Sunday, at the Lakers’ home court.

The Los Angeles Lakers Eyeing A Return

Chris Paul and Devin Booker have been a duo of superstar proportions for the Suns this season. But the Lakers are eyeing the return of LeBron James after a period of rest, as well as Anthony Davis rising to the occasion. As such, the day went the best way it could for Los Angeles.

Monty Williams had said in the pre-match that it is still far too early in the season to have solid expectations. Nevertheless, the Lakers will possibly have their full team available and firing while heading into the play-in stage of the tournament. Of course, it is not guaranteed yet, but the scenario received a big boost after Sunday’s victory.

Furthermore, Los Angeles is also expecting Dennis Schroder, their first-choice point guard, to return before the regular stage ends. Frank Vogel stated that only protocols regarding Covid-19 have to be cleared.

However, the Los Angeles Lakers fans will perhaps be more excited over the recent work-out performances that LeBron James is putting in. The team is also expecting them to return this week. He could return by the time of the last two games at home for the Lakers – either Tuesday’s Knicks game or Wednesday’s Rockets. Davis added that he thinks James will be fine from what he saw on the day.

Considering adding the returns to Anthony’s current streak, the Lakers are shaping up to compete for being the best team. For the Phoenix Suns, who are currently in a fight for first place with Utah, the Los Angeles Lakers can be their biggest problem.