Cardi B Accompanies Normani In The Steamy “Wild Side” Video

Cardi B
Cardi B

The new music video of the American music artist, Normani, is causing trauma among the fans. This is the first project of the artist since her single that was released in the year 2019. The new video features her and Cardi B, the popular American rapper. The 25-year-old Normani was one of the members of the former girl band, Fifth Harmony.

The name of the new music video is Wild Side. And the most amusing part of it is the fact that both the artists appear naked in it. Wild Side was released on the 16th of July. The two artists appear to be close to each other. Normani had also appeared in one of the hit music videos of Cardi B called WAP. 

Cardi B Supporting Normani

Cardi B makes her appearance in the second half of the Wild Side music video. Both her as well as the “Motivation” hitmaker appear naked in front of a pool that appears to be gorgeous. And then they get showered as the water pours down on them from above. There are a few other highlights as well. One such is the amazing dance move of the vocalist of “Dancing With a Stranger.” And again when the artist appears in an outfit with leopard print in the midst of a bunch of men who are simply shirtless. 

The ex-member of Fifth Harmony took to the social media platform, Instagram before she released her new track. The story revealed Cardi B calling out the fans in order to support the artist. The rapper can be heard saying that fans should celebrate the comeback of Normani in the way her birthday is celebrated. She further claimed that her new project was “so amazing.”