Transgender Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard Fails All Three Attempts

Laurel Hubbard
Laurel Hubbard

Laurel Hubbard, from New Zealand, is a transgender weightlifter. She got knocked out from the women’s competition in the 87+ kg category after she failed all three attempts.

Laurel Hubbard failed her first attempt of getting over her head weight of 120kg and bailed out early. Although she managed to hold up the weight of 125kgs during her attempt the second time, the judge dismissed the lift.

Laurel Hubbard was quick to return for a third attempt overall and tried to lift 125kg but failed to hold it over her head. She was the sole participant among the 13 final participants to have not completed one lift at the very least. 

Once the bar hit the ground, she made a gesture of patting her chest and making a heart using her hands. This was a signal to all people around the world who were in attendance at the event.

Laurel Hubbard’s Experiences In The Sport

Laurel Hubbard took care in thanking everyone who was attending the event and also mentioned that she failed to uphold the expectations she had set upon herself. She also thanked her fans from New Zealand, as well as the Japanese. Alongside, she also made it a point to thank the organizations of the sport.

Hubbard mentioned having been confronted with some difficult times and that her participation in the Olympic games was not easy or without any controversy. Saying that she mentioned the International Committee of the Olympics and praised them for letting her compete in the tournament. She mentioned that the IOC was extremely supportive of her and they have reiterated that sports and games can be done by everyone. It is to be understood that sports are inclusive in nature. Laurel Hubbard made it a point to take no questions from the media, but she was successful in generating a huge amount of attention during her run-up till the finals.