What To Learn From Buffalo Bills’ Season Opener In First Week Of NFL 2022

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills

Allen and Buffalo Bills say something. Technically speaking, Josh Allen’s evening wasn’t great. After all, he was sacked and threw two interceptions. However, anyone who watched Thursday’s game understands that the first one was obviously on the receiver; credit the second pick to Rams CB Troy Hill, who made a superb play by reading the throw expertly. But before that, and after that, Allen was a machine. The Rams had no answer for him once he was free to use his legs more in the second half on scrambles and planned runs. There were no throws of 20 or more air yards over the first three quarters. Then, on the initial play of the final quarter, Allen threw a deep pass for 47 yards to Gabe Davis while facing a Cover-0 blitz. He entered the end zone three plays later. How can you prevent him? Two picks couldn’t do it. Allen is off to a scorching start and is everyone’s choice for MVP.

NFL’s First Week Was Exciting For Buffalo Bills, Here Is Everything To Know About It: 

Is Stafford right to be worried? It’s simple to speculate on Matthew Stafford’s health. How could we not, after all the summer rumors regarding his elbow? There were instances during the game when he threw more over the top than I can recall, but that’s hardly evidence that his throwing motion favors it in any way. It’s unclear who is to blame for Stafford’s first interception, which appeared to be the result of a misunderstanding with tight end Tyler Higbee.

The Buffalo Bill’s defense deserves praise. How the Buffalo Bills’ young corners would struggle was a topic of much of the incoming conversation. Though Dane Jackson had a pick, rookies Kaiir Elam and Christian Benford (a sixth-round pick who played FCS ball a year ago) stood up remarkably well. Despite their best efforts, the Rams could not break the Buffalo Bills out of their two-high looks for most of the evening. It isn’t easy when you can’t run the ball.