Massachusetts National Guard COVID-19 tests tops 10,000

The Massachusetts Nation Guard has managed more than 10,000 COVID-19 swab tests for patients and staff in offices over the Commonwealth since the mission started April 2.

As a team with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, facilities like nursing homes helped living homes, and state medical clinics have their requests for testing achieved. The number of tests at every facility extends from a couple to two or three hundred yet every test is managed with a similar consideration and each Service Member wears individual defensive gear including a concoction suit, face shield, gloves, and mask all through the whole procedure.

To battle the infection with intensive testing, the Massachusetts National Guard set up Task Force Medical and the CBRNE Medical Support Team (CMST). CBRNE represents Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive and speaks to the purification pros who go with the prepared clinical experts to every office. Each CMST incorporates two sterilization authorities and one clinical master, who guarantees the clinical standard of the nasopharyngeal test is kept up.

Team Shield gives the last member from each testing group. These Soldiers from the 51st Troop Command must come in direct contact with the patients and staff who need testing. One Soldier regulates the nasopharyngeal swab, a second take the example and makes sure about it in bundling, and a third runs it over and places it in the cooler until everything can be conveyed to the lab soon thereafter. These Soldiers experience a full sterilization process by the CBRNE pros before beginning the following test.

Maj. Mark Bennett, the Chief of Operations for the CMSTs, stated that the program for facilities to manage the tests themselves has been suspended so the interest for this testing procedure is high. Anybody denying the test is regarded, and in general, there’s a very positive reaction and resolve is high among the soldiers.

“All necessary precautions are taken to protect against exposure and cross-contamination between persons. The utmost care is taken in the conduct and handling of test samples in order to ensure accuracy and reliability to the greatest possible extent,” stated Bennett.

Bennett indicated to the Department of Public Health’s trying as a total observation system, giving the greatest coverage over the state’s most powerless facilities. Some got various rounds of testing as of now yet so far 189 unique offices got a visit from the CMST totaling 11,500 tests.