LeBron James Might Be The Best Basketball Player Ever, Alex Caruso Talks About His Teammate

LeBron James
LeBron James

The discussion has no end when you talk about LeBron James and Micheal Jordan. Alex Caruso was the recent addition to this discussion.

LeBron James can be considered to be the epitome of success. The man has won anything and everything there is to win on a basketball court. Some consider him the greatest to ever do it. Most people call Michael Jordan the greatest.

Comparisons are usually subjective and arguments supporting those comparisons only make sense to the person making those arguments. But still, comparisons are what keep fans engaged and athletes motivated. 

Alex Caruso Belives That LeBron James Is The Greatest

The former Lakers teammate of LeBron James, Alex Caruso who helped the King win his fourth NBA title grew up a Michael Jordan fan. But even before coming into the league, his perspective changed.

Last year, he talked about it on the podcast of former NBA player JJ Redick. In this clip, AC talks about how he switched from MJ to LeBron as his favorite for GOAT.

He stated that when he grew up, he had a fascination with highlights and was a huge Micheal Jordan fan. He had never seen full games or seen him play in person but has seen all the highlights and game-winners. He saw him locking people up and dunking on his opponents. Jordan in his head was the best dude to ever do it.

When LeBron James came in 2003, he started watching him and realizing more about the sport of basketball. He could not understand what exactly had changed but Caruso’s mind changed completely. He told himself that James was the best guy to ever grace this sport and nobody can do what he was doing for tens of years.

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