LeBron James Has Been Ruled Out Due To An Ankle Sprain

LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron James has been ruled out of the Lakers team due to an ankle sprain- something that the club announced the previous Saturday. The star baller hobbled out of the game, as his team suffered a 99-94 loss to the Atlanta Hawks- sometime after he collided with Solomon Hill.

As he was walking out, James took his frustration out on a chair, and then received an MRI along with a few X-rays after the match. Solomon Hill was given a foul with almost 10.50 remaining in the second quarter of the game when the forward from the Atlanta Hawks fell on James’s ankle as he was trying to cover the ball.

LeBron James’s Ruling Out Will Definitely Change LA Lakers’ Fortunes

Immediately after, James rolled about in pain and went out of the court clutching his right limb. A timeout was called by the Los Angeles Lakers, who decided to check up on the 18-year legend. The coaches, teammates, and several members of the medical team huddled around him- checking if he was in a condition to stand up. Kuzma, one of the teammates of LeBron James was quite shocked seeing the veteran scream out. 

Several teammates of James have brought out issues with Hill’s challenge on LeBron James. Montrezl Harrell stated that the ball Hill dove for didn’t feel like a loose ball. As it goes, he had to slide through the legs of James to get the ball. So, if a player dove at an angle towards the ball, it couldn’t be classified as a loose ball. 

Schroder, another teammate of James reaffirmed that there was no reason for someone to jump in. 

After the game, LeBron James, fortunately, could stand up after the game- when he slouched back to his seat and started lacing up his sneakers.

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