Manifest Will Not Be Cancelled By Netflix

Lim Kay Siu
Lim Kay Siu

In a year when Netflix has axed several shows like Disjointed, Manifest won’t feature in the list- and fans are elated. After the show was initially canceled by NBC, the drama about the missing plane found solace in Netflix, where many viewers discovered the series first. The news of the show’s fourth and final season heading to the streaming platform was definitely met with a raucous amount of cheers, as the series captures the story of the disappearance of Flight 828, which vanished almost five years ago.

While only a few hours had passed in the show for the passengers of the flight, they were soon caught up in a supernatural nightmare while they tried to get back to normal lives. 

Manifest Will Find a Perfect Ending For The Show

The official account of Netflix tweeted on the 28th of August at 8.28 AM that it wouldn’t be canceling Manifest. In fact, the show would return for a super-sized fourth and final season. According to reports from Deadline, Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas have already prepped themselves up to return to the 20-episode season, which will be divided into two different parts.

Dallas had previously tweeted that it was all connected. Needless to say, fans who have already been a part of the journey were quite excited over the news on Twitter. 

The renewal of Manifest has definitely taken quite a long time. In June, Jeff Rake, the creator of the show had expressed his gratitude towards fans as he planned to give them some much-needed closure on the series. At that time, he had tweeted that the fans deserved something amazing at the end of the story- and it could take a while to cook up the perfect storm to end the show on a high. 

Ironically, Manifest isn’t the only show that has been saved by Netflix from being canceled- back in 2019, Designated Survivor was picked up by Netflix for a third season.