Lindsey Buckingham And Kristen Messner Are No More Together

Lindsey Buckingham
Lindsey Buckingham

Lindsey Buckingham, the American singer, songwriter, and former guitarist from the popular rock band, Fleetwood Mac, is single now. Kristen Messner, the wife of the artist, went on to file for divorce after over 20 years of marriage. The unfortunate news came out this Tuesday. It was informed by one of the popular entertainment sources. It was also reported that the divorce was filed in one of the cities of the state of California, Los Angeles.

Lindsey Buckingham Divorced After 2 Decades 

Lindsey Buckingham and Kristen Messner tied the knot in the year 200. The couple shares a total of three beautiful children. They are Leelee Buckingham, the 21-year old, Stella Buckingham who is 17-years old, and the 23-year-old William Gregory Buckingham who is the firstborn. The 71-year-old former band member met his now ex-wife in the 1990s. As per reports, the two encountered each other when Kristen Messner was told to take his picture. It was for one of the solo albums of the music artist. 

About ten years ago, the father of three had told one of the popular news sources that he felt extremely lucky to find the love of his life. Lindsey Buckingham gave a detailed account of his experiences with regard to love and family. He first revealed that he had so many “crazy girlfriends” along the way. And then the music personality added that he came across so many friends of his who had already become parents but they were not carrying out the role in a proper manner.

Lindsey Buckingham further stated that they were never present for their family and that is why he wanted to have the best partner. So that together they would be good parents. He then stated that he was lucky to come across the kind of partner who shared the same beliefs. The music artist concluded by expressing his gratitude towards his wife and added that he did marry late but it was the best decision.