Loki, The Series On The Irresistible MCU Character


Loki, one of the most popular negative characters from the entire MCU franchise has an entire show that is solely his. In the universe of Marvel, he is the God of mischief. And owing to this fact, it can be said without any doubts that the show is so full of mischief. The actor who plays the lead role in the series is Tom Hiddleston. The English actor carries out the role in such a flawless manner. And the television series that airs on the streaming platform, Disney+, is one of the most strange adventures as compared to the other shows of the MCU franchise. Starting from the 9th of June, the series will be aired every week.

Loki Is The “Key”

The opening scene of the series takes the viewers to one of the scenes from Endgame, the final sequel of the Avengers. It is the scene where the heroes of Marvel go back in time and reach the period that took place in the first movie of the sequel. And to be precise, it is the scene where Loki, the Mischief God, is still a pain in the neck to all the heroes.

This Loki from the past is an absolute villain as he has not gone through the redemption he does in the future owing to the fact that it is still the past. As the show proceeds, Loki manages to take away a magical cube and uses it for his personal advantage. He escaped from the scene and in doing so aligns the past on a path very different from what it really is.

This activity of Loki gets the time cops to come after him. They are an unseen agency. The aim of the cops is to wipe away the existence of Loki, the character nobody can resist. That is unless the fortunate is discovered according to which Loki is the main savior of the situation. What it means is that without him, the “time-bending treat” that can have an edge on the fate of the entire franchise of the MCU cannot be solved.