Senator Lindsey Graham To Contest Atlanta Grand Jury Subpoena

Lindsey Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham has indicated that he would resist the attempts by the prosecutor in Georgia to investigate former President Trump and his allies’ conduct and to compel him to appear before a grand jury created especially for the purpose. Attorneys on behalf of the South Carolina senator said that he would challenge the subpoena that would seek to compel him to bear witness and testify about Trump’s action immediately after the presidential elections in 2020.

Lindsey Graham was among the bunch of Trump’s lawyers and confidants who were named in the petitions that Fulton County Dist. Attorney Fani Willis filed. It was part of an investigation into the coordination attempts by Trump and his campaign managers to subvert the election of President Biden during the November elections. The investigation covers several states.

Lindsey Graham’s Attorneys Have Branded The Probe As Politically Motivated

Matt Austin and Bart Daniel, attorneys for Lindsey Graham, have stated that the GOP senator would challenge the summons and fight it out in court. They said that the senator was confident that he would prevail. They also criticized the probe for being politically influenced and motivated.

The attorney wrote on behalf of Lindsey Graham that Fulton County was engaging in what they termed as a “fishing expedition,” while working in tandem with the Select Committee looking into the January 6 riots in the Capitol.

The attorneys maintained that Lindsey Graham had the right to discuss the election procedures and processes with state administrative officials.

They further claimed that the summons issued would upset the constitutional stability and erode the capability of a Congress member to do his job. They further said that investigators at Fulton County have informed them that Lindsey Graham was neither a target nor a subject of the criminal investigation.

The official spokesperson of the district attorney of Fulton County mailed that if any witness chooses to challenge in court an order to bear witness before the Grand Jury, the DA would petition the court to induce their presence before the jury.