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student loan

Student Loan Decision To Be Taken By Biden As Inflation Worries Increase

Although most of the top aides in the Oval office have already drafted the law that would cancel out some student loan debt, they...
johnny depp verdict

Johnny Depp Verdict- Where Do They Stand?

Since a large section of the American population has been following the trial, it is only fair that we provide an understanding of what...
ron johnson

Ron Johnson Thinks Wokeness Is The Reason Behind Mass Shootings

Sen. Ron Johnson, the Republican from Wisconsin, recently offered up quite a controversial theory, which he believed would explain the school shooting in Uvalde....
gun reforms

Gun Reforms Rejected By Republicans At NRA Convention

The former President of the country, Donald Trump, and several other leaders of the GOP went on to reject any sort of Gun reforms...
NRA Forum

NRA Forum Sees Key Republicans Pulling Out

The NRA forum has seen quite a few key Republicans pulling out, in the wake of a horrific school massacre due to the indiscriminate...