Reports Confirms Kellie Pickler’s Husband Kyle’s Cause Of Death 

Kellie Pickler

American singer-songwriter Kellie Pickler’s husband American songwriter Kyle Jacobs committed suicide on February 17. The Davidson Country Examiner confirmed his cause of death on May 9 post 3 months after his death. The postmortem report has revealed an intraoral shotgun wound as the cause of the songwriter’s death.

Don Aaron, spokesman of the Metropolitan Nashville Police had previously commented at The Post that Kyle had shot himself to death. Kellie Picker’s husband had shot himself in a conscious mind according to postmortem reports, as no drugs could be found in his body. Kyle had been suffering from gastrointestinal bleeding, pseudo-seizures, and elevated enzymes and was under alcohol addiction as per his medical history.

Kellie Pickler was at home when Jacobs shot himself. As per police reports, Kyle had locked himself in another room, when Kellie woke up in the morning to a missing husband.

Kyle And Kellie Pickler Happily Married?

Kellie Pickler had Kyle Jacobs back in 2011 and appeared to the public as a happy couple full of laughter and music according to an article by US Weekly. It is not certain whether Pickler was aware of Jacobs’ mental condition. Jacobs and Pickler were consistently married for over a decade. The couple would often collaborate in music, with Kellie revealing of her husband producing for her in 2017.

Just before his death, Kyle had cheered Lee Brice’s album Hey World, which was produced by him. He praised the crew for putting this album together. The 49-year-old songwriter celebrated a milestone in his career. This unprecedented and unfortunate death has left the music fraternity in a sorry state of affairs and Kellie Pickler a grieving wife.