Lionel Messi Beats Ronaldo In European League

lionel messi

He just scored his 496th goal as PSG won Ligue 1. This is perhaps the only and most enticing rivalry in football history. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s negligence towards Manchester United was witnessed by the whole world.

Whereas, Messi always appeared to be one of the most respected football players in the world of football.

He had the second-highest score in the European League until now. While even in Barcelona he was unable to bear Ronaldo.

Seems like PSG is working wonders for him.

The final and first goal in the 11th hour was mind-blowing indeed.

The Winning Goal Might Have Been Impossible For Lionel Messi If Mbappè Wasn’t There

Two great gods of football have made it possible for PSG and for Lionel Messi to score another one. Mbappè’s perfectly weighted cross made it possible for Lionel Messi to score the goal.

Another feather was added to the King’s crown after scoring the 496th goal of his career in the 59th minute.

For Messi fans, it’s been a satisfactory shot. The football fans are divided into two groups, one Messi and another Ronaldo.

However, after the world cup, the fans were divided into groups and sub-groups.

The score in the 59th minute stood at 1-0 in the match against Strasbourg. PSG managed to keep the title amid the match ended in a draw.

Not only Lionel Messi made history, PSG’s first win after taking over Saint Etienne’s haul.

This is the first victory of PSG because of Lionel Messi and Mbappè. They have marked the bar of the winner in the first round. It has made PSG go to the top of the list.

This happened after the third round of matches in 2021/2022.

However, Lionel Messi is facing a suspension regardless of the match. He has taken a trip to the Middle East causing him to miss a training session. PSG has handed him a letter of short-term suspension. According to the coach, no one gets special treatment. All players are equally treated, if someone makes a mistake there would be consequences.