Lisa Marie Presley Honored By Daughter Riley

Lisa Marie Presley

On Sunday, Riley Keough gave a heartfelt remembrance of her mother at Lisa Marie Presley’s open memorial service. Riley, 33, recalled her mother’s unwavering love and fortitude in a speech given at the service, which was held at Elvis Presley’s Graceland home in Memphis, Tennessee. Riley’s husband, Ben Smith-Petersen, also spoke at the service.

Lisa Marie Presley Gets The Perfect Remembrance In the Hands Of Daughter Riley

On stage, Smith-Petersen expressed how he will always remain appreciative of the time he spent together with Lisa Marie Presley for over 3 decades. He further commented that he was certain that he had chosen the world’s best mother for himself. He talked about he could recall every detail from the baths Lisa gave him when he was still a toddler. He also recalled how his mother would cuddle him and the smell of Lisa during that time. Smith-Petersen spoke on stage as his wife and her family, which included Priscilla Presley, sat in the front row.

Smith-Petersen continued recounting all his childhood memories like how Lisa Marie Presley would leave him notes in his lunchbox every single day. He admitted that he had kept every single of them till day. He talked about the wonderful feeling he felt and remembered when his mother would come to take him after school. Smith-Petersen recognized his mother as the most loving person he has ever known, and he still recalls the feeling of being loved by such a person. 

Finally, he adds that he hopes to love his daughter with the same passion that Lisa Marie Presley loved him, his brother, and his sisters. After that, he revealed that he and Keough had a child together. About this matter, Smith-Petersen commented that he was grateful for the tenacity, wildness, temper, manners, humor, empathy, heart, and courage that he has inherited from his mother. He talked about himself as the production of Lisa Marie Presley’s heart. 

Keough posted a vintage black-and-white photo of herself and Lisa Marie on Instagram on Friday. In her first statement to the media following the passing of her mother, the lone child of rock legend Elvis Presley and Priscilla, the actress simply replied with a red heart. After being rushed to a Los Angeles hospital for a potential cardiac arrest, Lisa Marie passed away on January 12 at the age of 54.