Liz Cheney Lets On That She Might Not Always Be A Republican

Liz Cheney
Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney hinted that in the future she could come around to play the role of a Republican leader on an anti-Trump platform. Despite failing at winning her House primary by over 35 percentage points to Harriet Hageman at Wyoming, she continues to lay hope in the democratic process.

His conqueror in the House primary, Hageman, has the endorsement of Donald Trump. She has also formed The Great Task, a political action committee to educate citizens about the threats faced by democracy. She reiterated that she would fight any attempts by Trump to make a comeback to the White House.

What is of particular importance in her statement is the hint that she might not remain Republican for long. she made it clear that if Trump manages to become the Republican nominee for 2024, she would not remain in the party.

Despite losing the lone House to Hageman, Liz Cheney remains defiant of her opposition to his comeback. Both Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader are against her.

She was ousted as the 3rd-ranking member of the Republicans in the House for her criticism of the former President and voting for his impeachment for his role in the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021, and his efforts to stage a coup to prevent Joe Biden from coming to power.

Liz Cheney Has Spoken Of An Honorable But Difficult Path Ahead

It is apparent that Liz Cheney has bigger ambitions and is eyeing the highest job. She spoke of taking the honorable path and not the easy one in her concession speech where she mentioned Lincoln and Ulysses Grant.

In her speech, Liz Cheney said that her road was clear but she would have had to choose to accept Trump’s line in 2020. It would also have required her to back his efforts to undermine the American democracy and attack its very foundations. It is apparent that she hasn’t given up on politics and is actively contemplating going for the top job.

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