Liz Cheney Reprimands Leadership of GOP After First Hearing Is Held By 6 January Panel

Liz Cheney
Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney happens to be one of the only two Republicans to be present on the select committee responsible for investigating the insurrection of January 6. She severely criticized the leadership of her party on Tuesday because of their consistent defense of the previous President Trump’s involvement in the ambush on Washington DC and the Capitol.

Liz Cheney stated that Kevin McCarthy, who is the Minority Leader of the House, continues to demonstrate that this is some kind of a game that is political in nature. In reality, this is no game, and it is a serious issue when an investigation of this importance is distracted and attention is diverted by actions being taken with an otherwise intent.

According to Liz Cheney, Trump is the person responsible for lighting the flame for whatever happened in the incident. It was seemingly apparent throughout, not just during the speech delivered on Ellipse. She says that it is important for the committee to comprehend the details of the financing and the planning of the act. It is shameful for someone in the administration to defend Trump and not hold him responsible.

Liz Cheney Brings Out Important Things To Consider

Liz Cheney made her statements in the first meeting itself that was held by the House panel. It was further supported by gruesome testimonies of four officers that were attacked by the rioters on the day of the incident. The hearing, which was of approximately 3 hours, was one of the first acts presented by the committee. The committee is further preparing to investigate every particular circumstance that surrounds the insurrection of January 6. This does not even exclude the role that was played by then President Trump.

Liz Cheney took a point in mentioning that it was imperative to know everything that happened during the day. Every conversation, every phone call, every meeting that took place till the attack is important to be known and deciphered.