Liz Cheney’s Warning To The Party Around The Capitol Attack

Liz Cheney
Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney on investigating the 6 January events given a warning to her party. The Republican members of the House Committee told either they have to be loyal to the constitution or to Donald Trump. Both can not be done.  

The Capitol attack was done by Trump supporters who wanted to stop the certification of Trump’s loss to Joe Biden. Trump accusing electoral fraud of his loss made his supporters go so violent that 5 people died in the riot and a mob possibly roamed around the capitol to find and kill lawmakers. 

After Sunday’s discussion with Bennie Thompson, Cheney said ABCs that there’s no doubt about the negligence of duty around the event and the committee needs to see if they can enhance penalties for the same. Thompson said that Steve Bannon, Mark Medows, Scott Perry, and Jim Jordan might receive subpoenas for refusing the information request, only if they have the authority.

What Liz Cheney And The Other Republicans Are Saying 

On the anniversary of the Capitol attack, a rash of polls could be seen and 68% of the Americans considered capital attack as an indication of an increase in political violence. 66% marked it as a threat to democracy itself. 

According to Cheney, the blame for spreading disinformation lays on her own party.

There were attempts to make this committee obstructed by many republicans but in the end, everybody fights for the truth. 

On asking upon republican’s retaliation against Trump working in Cheney’s favor she said they have to be grounded on the rule of law and that’s why people need to understand how much their vote is important. 

Liz Cheney faced a primary challenger at first but she was confident that she will secure re-election. 

Liz Cheney said that she had faith in the people of Wyoming, that they won’t suppose a dangerous man, and she also agreed to Hillary Clinton’s comment on Donald Trump. She also said a president who refuses to stop the mobs and fails to secure the republic should not be trusted.