Jennifer Aniston Is All Set To Get A New Body, Eh?

jennifer Aniston

A new project by Max Barbakow will be starring Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts side by side. The two incredibly talented actresses previously also appeared on FRIENDS. Whom Chandler had a romantic relationship with her, and she got her revenge for an accident that happened in fourth grade. Jennifer Aniston seems like having a thing for a hilarious rom-com. Amazon studios would be launching the project and Margot Robbie’s production Lucky Chap Entertainment.

Another Massive Success Awaits Jennifer Aniston

The original movie is based in Palm Springs, California. The iconic Jennifer Aniston has set produce via Red Om Films and Echo Film Banners respectively. This movie is going to be worth every penny, Amazon is going to launch this, and it has been a rollercoaster ride for the production.

They have been fighting among the famous studios, and finally, it was decided by amazon. Max Barbakow is going to write and direct the movie as per the report, and Jennifer Aniston’s role is yet to be disclosed. She supposedly going to swap bodies with Julia Roberts. The iconic duo is setting for comedy, and after Julia Roberts’s Ticket To Paradise, this is hoped for massive success. Fans anticipating the amount this is going to get domestically and worldwide. Jennifer Aniston’s name is probably enough to win the golden ticket, isn’t it?

Aniston recently finished shooting for Murder Mystery 2, the trailer had a big impact on fans. They have been dying to see Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler together on screen for almost 4 years now. This duo has something to offer that others may fail to give, definitely after Ross and Rachel. Just Go With It was also a massive success in 2011, both of them nailed it.