Lou Taylor Accused By Britney Spears

Lou Taylor
Lou Taylor

Lou Taylor was the former manager of Britney Spears. Spears has been facing a lot of trouble following her conservatorship fiasco. She has been troubled a lot by her father’s illegal interference. The star accused her father of misusing his rights towards the conservatorship. Britney stated that her father used to control and interfere with her life. He made her work insane hours in a day. Her father even controlled her finances and personal decisions. 

Britney also lodged a complaint against her manager Lou Taylor. She accused her of breaking into her personal space. Britney Spears accused Taylor of tampering with her medications as well. The popstar was formerly managed by a group called TriStar. They have denied the claims filed by the star. Let us know more about the incident below. 

Lou Taylor Denies Allegations From Britney Spears

Britney Spears has brought some serious allegations against her former manager. Lou Taylor used to manage the star previously. However, recent accusations from Britney have hampered the bond between the two. The star stated that Taylor illegally broke into her private bedroom. She also said that her former manager tried to control her medical whereabouts. 

TriStar, the company responsible for managing Spears consisted of Taylor and Robin Greenhill. Both of them have denied the allegations. They stated that neither of them intervened in the personal space of the star. They counter accused the present attorney of Spears, Mathew Rosengart. Lou Taylor stated that her team kept track of all her financial records without any blemish. 

Lou Taylor was being accused by Rosengart of receiving illegal financial assistance. Thus, she was asked to provide her detailed financial records. This made Taylor furious. She said that all her incomes have already been listed in the submitted records. No added rewards have been received by any of her team members.