Louie Gohmert’s Lawsuit Will Force Mike Pence To Take A Side

Louie Gohmert
Louie Gohmert

Vice President Mike Pence is likely to be put in the limelight very soon. He may be forced to choose a side by the defeated Arizona electors of President Donald Trump and Louie Gohmert, the representative from the state of Texas. All of this originates from the rejected claims of President Trump with regard to the election results.

Mike Pence got sued in a federal court on the 28th of December, Monday. It was done by a number of would-be electors and Louie Gohmert. The suing was done in a bid to overthrow vote-counting rules of the Congress, for the electors. As the vice president will be leading the session of the US Senate and the House, held on 6th January, this is a hopeful effort for them. They are hopeful that Pence will be permitted to ignore the electors of President-elect Joe Biden and count the losing slates of President Donald Trump instead, on that day.

Details Of The Louie Gohmert Filed Suit

The lawsuit that was filed, dates back to the law from the year 1887, known as the Electoral Counting Act. It is the law that has been looking over the entire process of vote counting with very few issues arising out of it. And this law binds the vice President in an unconstitutional manner. It comes in his way while he exercises his full authority in choosing the votes that actually count.

According to the lawsuit, the defendant, vice president Pence, will be given the sole authority and discretion for opening and permitting the vote counts. This is with regard to the areas having the slate of electors competing against each other, or, where any slate of electors is objected. His power will also apply to any states into consideration. This what the Twelfth Amendment lays down.