Sour Space Candy Tickles the Senses

Sour Space Candy
Sour Space Candy

CBD hemp flowers come in a wide array of strains, with one of the most popular being Sour Space Candy. The option comes chock-full of the cannabinoid for the optimum therapeutic benefits, with added potency from the terpene profile and companion cannabinoids. 

The recommendation for consumption is vaping over smoking for the best response, resulting in a calm yet confident, uplifting mood shift. The blend notes as a combination of sweet and sour with a cross between Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry, giving the strain its fan base. View CBD hemp flower benefits here. 

Sour Space Candy: A Popular CBD Hemp Flower Strain 

CBD hemp flowers are closing in as the favored CBD products, but the large variety of strains makes it challenging to select just one. Fortunately, there is a standout in the crowd with Sour Space Candy. The Oregon-cultivated bud is climbing the charts as among the world’s favorite.  

The strain boasts having 19% CBD and within legal limits of THC at 0.3%, meaning there is no chance for users to get “high.” The intoxicating component is only possible with elevated levels of the THC cannabinoid, which is not an issue with hemp-based products. 

Satisfaction For The Senses 

The Sour Space Candy CBD hemp flower strain offers satisfaction not only as far as taste as the name would imply, but the bud is enticing for each of the senses. It excites the mind, body, and spirit with visual and oral stimulation, and when initially opening the package with the release of the distinctive smells. 

** Aroma 

The description of the aroma is like that of a mix of herbs at first whiff, with a “sour-diesel-hit.” The extraordinary pungency of the bud captures the consumer into a desire to try the product.  

Further inspection by squeezing it touts to release a powerful citrus scent. You can only imagine with all the pre-smells what the actual inhalation will provide, not to mention the flavor. 

** Appearance 

Generally, it would not matter so much what the flower looks like because your goal is to consume. But with these, the visual appeal is part of the experience, with the dense buds offering an orangish purple hue on the green background. The large pistils that resemble hair are brownish orange, adding a pop of color. 

** Taste 

The flavor experienced by your tongue is not merely a mild passing sensation, rather a potent zing of the described undertones of candy apple topped with black cherries. It is true to its moniker celebrating a distinct flavor of sour candy. 

The suggestion is to vape instead of smoking because the taste will not be as viable when lighting the product. With vaping, you have a better opportunity to experience the bite of the sour yet fruity flavor with the herby/peppery kick. 

Effects for The Cannabidiol 

Sour Space Candy is available with most dispensaries or trusted online sites like Cheef Botanicals. The results from the cannabinoid boast as bringing a sense of calm, mellow yet confidence, a complete contrast to the exuberance of the strain’s colors, flavors, and tastes.  

The hemp-based bud offers stress-relieving properties but increases alertness and emphasizes the therapeutic benefits CBD offers considering the elevated level of the compound of the flower without psychoactive traits due to the minimal amount of THC. 

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Sour Space Candy Tickles the Senses 2

Final Thought 

Sour Space Candy is a potent bud that allows you to enjoy your experience with CBD in every way – visually, aromatically, and in taste, while receiving the purported benefits of CBD as well as the other chemical compounds found in the bud. 

The thing to remember with the bud is that it will not induce a “high.” Some people are hesitant to try CBD hemp flowers for fear there is an intoxication factor due to the similarities with marijuana. But hemp has little to no THC.  

THC is the element in marijuana that creates the “high.” These hemp-based CBD products will not bring intoxicating results. 

The suggestion with this strain is to vape instead of smoking to enjoy its many advantages. If you are interested in smoking CBD, Smoking this strain notes as distracting from the taste while vaping enhances all the attributes.  

And with this strain, it seems like you want to experience all its attributes. 

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