LPL Stock Gets An Upgraded Rating Of “Buy” By The Analysts


LG Display(LPL) got its ratings upgraded from “hold” to “buy” by Zacks Research on Saturday. Zacks Research currently has a price objective of $9.50 on the company’s stocks. the brokerages’ price objective indicates a 16.14% potential upside from the current price of the stock.

Many brokerages have submitted reports on LPL. Daiwa Markets increased its ratings from “hold” to “outperform” on the company’s stocks on September 21st, Monday.BidaskClub upgraded its ratings from “hold” to “buy” on the company’s stocks on December 8th, Tuesday.

Five analysts have issued a rating of “buy” on the company’s stocks. The stock currently has “Buy” as its consensus rating and $9.50 as its target price on average.

Transactions Of LPL stock

LPL opened on Friday at $8.18.The company has $5.85 billion in market capitalization, a -2.81 P/E ratio, and a 1.16 beta. The company has $3.63 as its twelve months low and $8.49 as its twelve month high. The firm has $7.03 as its moving average for 50 days and $6.14 as its moving average for 200 days. The firm has a 0.97 current ratio,0.76 quick ratios, and 0.98 as the ratio between debts and equity.

The company sells and manufactures TFT-LCD and display panels based on OLED technology in Asia, Poland, European countries, the US, South Korea, and China. The company’s display panels based on OLED technology and TFT-LCD are mostly used in notebook computers, tablet computers, desktop monitors, mobile devices, and televisions as well as in large and medium-sized panels used for applications and industrial equipment including navigation devices, medical equipment, photo displays, e-paper, entertainment systems, etc.

The firm supplies the products to multinational corporations and manufacturers of original equipment. It offers display panels in wide ranges of colors and sizes. The company LG Display has its headquarters based in South Korea’s Seoul.

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