All About Luca, The 2021 Pixar Movie


Luca, the American animated coming-of-age fantasy comedy film, was released on the 18th of June. It is produced by the Pixar animated studios. The film revolves around the life of a sea monster named Luca who lives off the Italian coast. Due to the garbage that is disposed of at the sea by humans, the sea monster grows inquisitive as well as fond of the life that exists on land. His fascination grows to the point that he dreams of living life on land. And as the movie proceeds, he encounters another sea monster with the name, Alberto.

It is through him that he comes across the fact that they carry the ability to take the form of a human every time they come out of water. And so the adventure begins here. 

Luca, The Sea Monster

After Luca and Alberto leave their natural habitat, they befriend other kids from the land. They include Giulia, a very friendly girl, and Ercole, who happens to be a bully. Later, the two sea monsters develop a desire to buy a Vespa but they need money to do so. So to earn some money, they come together with the friendly Giulia and decide to take part in the triathlon competition. Their opponent is the most obvious, Ercole. 

The movie is partly about Luca and Alberto coming to terms with what makes somebody a human being. They also learn some things on the subject of “self-confidence.” And the fun part of the Pixar film is when the two try their best to stay away from water because then they will be transformed back into their original forms. The one thing that Luca lacks is the emotional tsunami that all Pixar films hit a person with. Usually, when a viewer is done watching a Pixar film, he gets up with a very heavy heart and teary eyes but this is not the case with Luca.