Machine Gun Kelly Scuffles With McGregor On The Red Carpet

Machine Gun Kelly
Machine Gun Kelly

The top story right now is a scuffle that took place between Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly. This little fight happened minutes before the VMA show. The show was at the Barclays Centre, Brooklyn.

 Several photos were taken which showed both men getting pulled apart. Mcgregor’s drink was 

Aimed towards Kelly. Kelly was in a glittered red suit shielding Megan Fox, his girlfriend. Security guards were seen pulling McGregor away.

What Actually Happened With Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly after winning his award for “ My Ex’s Best Friend” was asked about the little incident that took place before. He obviously avoided answering. According to TMZ, the incident was a pure accident. McGregor stumbled on something and spilled the drink and the remainder was on Kelly

The eyewitnesses confirmed McGregor was going to greet Kelly standing in the line for photos on the red carpet. As the UFC man was stopped. As the security of the artist pushed him he stumbled. As Kelly snarled at the incident, the handlers of McGregor begged him to spare the situation and they seemed to be accepting.

Before the show, Machine Gun Kelly posted a couple of pictures, all dressed for the show with a caption mentioning his girlfriend as a mermaid.

On the other hand, McGregor was in a  frilled black shirt with a pink sports jacket and black pants. He walked with Dee Devlin on the red carpet. He was there to present the award for the artist of the year, won by  Justine Bieber. A representative of McGregor denied the fight, telling them he only fights with the fighters.

Kelly was there for the performance of his fresh new song named  “papercuts.” The performance with Travis brake was scheduled halfway into the broadcast. But a little change was made and the performance was taken to the end moments of the show. Now people are guessing the change was a last-minute decision and done because of the incident between Kelly and Mc Gregor.