Madison Cawthorn’s Sexual Allegations Are Getting More Public With Time

Madison Cawthorn
Madison Cawthorn

Madison Cawthorn, the Representative from the Republican party is accused of sexual misconduct. The 25-year-old Cawthorn is the youngest Congress member. He is put under scrutiny following the allegations. It was reported that he misbehaved sexually during his time as a college student.

One single woman did not make the accusation. He stands to be accused by a bunch of women. According to the allegations, Madison Cawthorn created uncomfortable situations for them. It includes him taking the accusers for drives followed by an improper approach towards them.

The media channel associated with the case had a conversation with one of his classmates. It took place in the college, Patrick Henry which is situated in Virginia.

Madison Cawthorn Was “Aggressive”?

Madison Cawthorn went to a private school for a few months. It was in the year 2016. And then he dropped out of it. According to sources, he has been accused of so many things from getting misogynistic to aggressive.

The women reported that the 21-year-old Madison Cawthorn carried out several disrespectful acts towards them. He gave them some derogatory terms in public. It was also reported that he asked some really inappropriate questions to them, including their sex lives. Not only that, but the Republican Representative has also been accused of making non-consensual physical advancements like kissing.

The women went on to state that Madison Cawthorn made them feel uncomfortable inside his locked car. Everything took place within the college campus. He used to start conversations about the sexual experiences they had. He also asked about their virginity.

The allegations were first made when the youngest Representative began campaigning for the 11th Congressional District of North Carolina. However, it is getting more attention following his move to the capital.