Chris Cuomo Opened Up About The Situation Concerning His Brother, Andrew Cuomo

Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo, the host of the popular news channel, CNN, clearly stated that he will not be able to get involved in the news of his brother, Andrew Cuomo.

Andrew Cuomo is the Governor of the state of New York. He is currently caught in the sexual accusations made against him. The accusations made by women who were associated with him are making constant headlines in the country these days.

Chris Cuomo, “I Cannot Cover It”

Chris Cuomo gave the statement as soon as the show began. After having stated that, he proceeded with the other news. Covering the news related to Andrew Cuomo has been an awkward decision not just for him but for the officials of the CNN channel as well.

The reason for this is because the channel has invited Andrew Cuomo to have a playful conversation with his brother, Chris Cuomo, several times. The last time it took place was in the year 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic had just begun. Their conversation did not fail to attract viewers. The viewers were left charmed by the chemistry of the duo.

Chris Cuomo gave a statement this Monday. He clearly stated that he was fully aware of whatever was taking place in the life of his brother. He also added that he does not have the strength to cover Andre Cuomo’s stories. The went to confirm that it will be done by the channel and will keep on doing so.

The host did not fail to show his support towards the accusers. He stated that he is really concerned about the issue of sexual harassment his brother is connected to.

The brothers belong to the family of the former governor of New York, Late Mario Cuomo. He belonged to the Democratic party. He served for a total of three terms, from the 1980s to 1990s. the 63-year-old Andrew Cuomo is currently serving his third term as a governor.