Stimulus Check Of $500, $375, And $250 To The Georgian Residents

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

There has been some buzz about a bill that has been signed to arrange for the residents of Georgia regarding a refund of tax. Brian Kemp, the Governor, has recently signed House Bill 1302 which will ensure that the Department of Revenue in Georgia will provide the people living there a stimulus check after they file their tax returns. 

A New Stimulus Check For The Residents Of Georgia

This new stimulus check would give $500 to the people who are filing with their spouses together. The people who are the head of a household will be eligible to get $375 and individuals who are filing alone will receive $250. This new legislation was declared by Kemp in an interview conducted by the press that was held in Savannah last Friday. 

As per Kemp, this stimulus check which will be given to the residents once is just the money of the people which is returned to them by the State Government. The money for this new proposal is not coming from the Federal Government or the American Rescue Plan Act of Joe Biden, the President of America. 

However, as Kemp described, the money for the stimulus check which is approximately a billion dollars are coming from their strict conservative policy while making the state budget during the pandemic. These policies of budgets were made by lawmakers and Kemp stated that it is their duty to return back the rightful money of the citizens in the form of a refund. 

This new initiative will result in the transfer of the mentioned amount to the bank accounts of the eligible residents within a few weeks. The eligibility criteria will be simple i.e. someone who has filed their income tax returns for the years 2020-2021. Moreover, this extra payment cannot be availed by trusts, estates, dependents, and non-residents. The stimulus check will be sent to the individuals who have filed their tax returns for the year 2021.

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