Maine Gives Residents The Highest Inflation Relief Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

With over 18 states giving out stimulus checks to residents to combat inflation in absence of any federal assistance, Americans can expect a continuation of the support they received during the pandemic and immediately after. Residents of Maine are among the luckiest as the state is giving out $850 to eligible individuals and double that to a married couple filing jointly.

Maine’s offer is among the most generous of all the states and all eligible individuals earning $100,000 or below are eligible for the $850 stimulus check as individuals. A married couple filing jointly and earning $200,000 or below are eligible for double that while household heads will get a $150,000 stimulus check.

Returns Submitted Till May Will Be Eligible For Stimulus Checks Earlier

Eligible residents need to file their income tax returns for 2021 before the end of October and be full-time residents of the state. Around 858,000 people will benefit from the Maine stimulus check. The payments have already started in June. The payments for people who did not file their income tax returns by May 2021 will be delayed. They will be paid on a rolling basis as and when people file their returns.

The director of policy and research at the Center for Economic Policy, Maine, Sarah Austin, has said that with an increase in energy, food, and housing costs, the Maine stimulus checks will greatly help low and middle-income households. People are struggling to cover high costs caused by inflation that has touched record figures.

The relief stimulus checks will go out by post through the US postal services. They are being sent to the addresses provided on individual state income tax returns for 2021. Residents can update the recorded addresses with the revenue services. They have to send a written application mentioning the name, social security number, signature, and proof of the new address. Proof includes updated photo ID, lease, and utility bills. The request should be sent to [email protected].