McConnell And Biden Showed Off Their Bipartisan Bonafides In Kentucky

Mitch McConnell

A very rare situation was revealing in front of our eyes last Wednesday in Kentucky. The minority leader of senate Mitch McConnell and president Joe Biden greeted each other in Kentucky as they were promoting a bipartisan law accomplishment.

Joe Biden’s visit to opponent leader McConnell’s house is making implications of a huge 1.2 trillion dollars bill of infrastructure that Joe Biden signed to make it a law back in 2021, which also marked the first inter country trip in 2023.

This time the McConnell-Biden meeting was evident as Joe Biden is about to kickstart 2nd half of the first-term reign and this apparently is that even in a Congress that is divided, the president is willing to see spaces for bipartisan relationship between the parties.

The president in his remarks said to the opposing leader that the passing of that 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill would never have happened if McConnell wouldn’t have helped, and the president wants to thank him for that.

Biden McConnell Meeting In Kentucky: Start Of A Bipartisanship Govt?

The president also said that even though they often stand on the grounds of disagreements, the republican leader from Kentucky is one of those politicians whom he can trust.

He said that Mitch is a man of his words. If he promises you something, one can take those words to the bank, and it is a good news for him that McConnell also wants to find a common ground where they can do good things for the country together.

The two former Senate colleagues got together around the same period as House Repubs found themselves descending further into chaotic division over Rep. McCarthy’s effort of becoming the speaker. The picture was a clear message of moderation and pragmatism given by Biden as well as McConnell. As Biden was speaking in Covington, Kevin lost his fourth election for speaker of the House.